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The JEME, distinguished by the National Police

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Number: 6436

The Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army, general F. J. Varela Salas, has been distinguished today with the Cross of Police Merit with White Decoration at the General Office of the Police, in Madrid, in the event celebrated for the 194th anniversary of the existence of the Corp.

This decoration has been awarded attending to his contribution in the rapprochement established in between the Army and the Police, and to "his inestimable support and collaboration, facilitating the development of the services and operations which have contributed to the increase of the Police's prestige", according to the Order of Decoration. .

The secretary of the Security State, José Antonio Nieto, was the responsible of confering the decoration, in an event where there were also awarded figures by the Spanish Army: the chief of the Command of Logistical Support, Lieutenant General Pardo de Santayana; the deputy director of the Direction of Acquisition's Systems of Arms, general De Vicente; and to Corporal Pardo, stationed in the Minister of Defense's Office.

With them, other representatives of high institutions of the State were awarded. Finally, some agents on active service and veterans who were retired, have been assigned, from now on, to the Order of Police Merit.

The JEME is receiving the Decoration

The JEME is receiving the Decoration (Photo:Ángel Tejedor/DECET)