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The Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army honours the Army's sport elite

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Number: 6396

The Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army, General Francisco Javier Varela Salas, has honoured the 12th of December, at Buenavista Palace, base of the Spanish Army's staff, the most distinguished elite sportsmen of this year 2017.

This way, in the audience together with the JEME, there has been a representation of the best military sportsmen. The delegation has been made up by the second lieutenant cadets highlighted in the Military Academy Championships Martín, Solana and Bendala; and two of the cadets that swam across the Strait of Gibraltar: Giuseppe and Cerezuela.

At judo classification the JEME has distinguished corporal Rodríguez; in marathon, soldier González; in orientation major Jiménez and brigade Ruiz; in sport shooting 1st corporal Lema.

In the patrol of snipers brigade Olivares, 1st Sergeant Vera and 1st Ñañez were present. As rugby trainer, lieutenant colonel Risueño has been distinguished; and as collaborator Colonel Chaín. 

In the same way, major corporal Jiménez has been distinguished because of his results at TGCF, in which since 2011 until 2016, he has gained the best possible score inside of his age category. Also, it has been distinguished the 6th Brigade "Almogávares" as the unit with the best score received at TGCF and the 2nd Brigade "Alfonso XIII" because of its GEJEME Trophy in its 7th edition. Furthermore, it has been assessed, this same Brigade, because of the organization of the civic-military race "La Desértica".

In his speech, the JEME pointed out the effort of the sportsmen and he suggested that every soldier "should be prepared at every moment to participate in operations", and he added that the physical activity represents one of the columns of this preparation.

On the other hand, the chief of the secretary of Junta Central de Educación Física, colonel García, thanked JEME the audience with the sportsmen and pointed out that this way it is appreciated and recognized the effort, work and dedication of all these sportsmen.

Military attendees at the audience of the JEME

Military attendees at the audience of the JEME (Photo:Ángel Tejedor/DECET)