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King Felipe VI visits base "San Cristóbal" in Madrid

Monday, November 27, 2017

Number: 6367

King's arrival to the base

King's arrival to the base (Photo:Iván Jiménez/DECET)

His Majesty in his visit to PCAMI

His Majesty in his visit to PCAMI (Photo:Iván Jiménez/DECET)

The King in his visit to the 1st PCMASA

The King in his visit to the 1st PCMASA (Photo: Iván Jiménez/DECET)

His Majesty King Felipe VI has visited this morning base "San Cristóbal" accompanied by the Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army, General Francisco J. Varela Salas, ad the Chief of the Logistic Support Command of the Army, General Lieutenant Ramón Pardo de Santayana.

In his arrival, His Majesty receieved military honours and he moved to the Management Centre of Logistic Support in order to be informed about all the aspects related to the Army's logistics.

In the same way, during the visit through the installations of the base, the King visited the Logistics Material Supplying Park and Center (PCAMI in Spanish). There, he could visit a costume and military team exhibition, as well as a sample of campaing material and rations of precaution.

Among other military issues, Sr. Felipe, could check the new individual equipments developed for the deployment of the Spanish troops in Latvia, mission in which it is going to be conducted the first rotation next January.

Continuing with the visit to the PCAMI, it has been examined the robotized warehouse and the preparation line of delivery. In the last place, they have visited the 1st Armored Systems Maintenance Park and Center, with capacity of fourth stair of maintenance (arsenal), which allows a wide system of reparation of BMR, VEC, pizarro, Leopard and Leopardo vehicles.

During his stay, the members of the base gave to the Monarch an Elizabethan cap as a memory of his visit, the first one that he makes to the base "San Cristóbal" since he is the King of Spain.