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From Vigo to Latvia with 'Pizarros' and 'Leopardos'

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Number: 6077

It's on board. The logistics support equipment and the military vehicles that will participate in the NATO Enhanced Refinforced Presence (eFP) in Latvia have been loaded, on 6 June, in the port of Vigo.

More than one hundred vehicles, including Infantry/Cavalry “Pizarro” combat vehicles and “Leopardo” 2E combat tanks, set sail for Latvia. This will be the first time that Spain deploys its mechanised and armoured vehicles in an international mission.

Around 300 Spanish troops will participate in the eFP operation, the majority coming from the 11th “Extremadura” Brigade. Close to one hundred belong to the operation's Logistics Unit, for which they are contributing staff from the Logistics Support Group (AALOG) nº 61 (Valladolid), the nº 11 AALOG (Madrid), the nº 41 AALOG (Zaragoza) and the 11th Extremadura Brigade (Badajoz).

The Spanish contingent will be part of a Battalion led by Canada whose base will be located in the city of Adazi, close to Riga, the capital of Latvia. Troops from Italy, Slovenia, Poland and Albania will join the Canadians and Spanish in the deployment.


Two "Pizarro" loaded in the port of Vigo

Two "Pizarro" loaded in the port of Vigo (Photo:BRI XI)