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The VJTF is in Sibiu, Romania

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Number: 6075

The last few units arrive in Romania for the start of Noble Jump 2017


More than 5000 multinational troops from the VJTF, with their vehicles and equipment provisions which, with the arrival of the last few units on 6 June, completed the latest logistics movements needed to finish the first part of the Noble Jump exercise, which the VJTF will carry out in Romania.

Since their arrival in Romania, on 29 May, the VJTF units have been carrying out various exercises on a multinational level in order to improve their combat capabilties, with the aim of reinforcing the interoperability of the armed forces of the participating countries.

"Any opportunity we have to interoperate with our allies, especially other NATO countries, is a great honour," affirms second liuetenant Adam Sprinkle, AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot from the nº 12 Air combat Brigade from Ansbach, Germany. "Each country operates in a slightly different way and improving our relationships with these countries is invaluable," he added.  


Spanish convoy in transit in Greece.

Spanish convoy in transit in Greece. Photo HQ-ARRC

Exercises that have been carried out up to now have been from infantry fundamentals and armoured movement to the most complex medical evaluations and aerial attacks. The next exercises seek to bring together the multinational units in order to conclude the Noble Jump exercise with an impressive fire exercise on 14 June.
Designed to examine the key elements of the NATO Readiness Action Plan, the VJTF Noble Jump exercise aims to emphasise the rapid deployment capability in the NATO "launch point" of the assigned operations zone.
The multinational members of the VJTF have been deployed from bases in the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland, Norway and Albania, and have been reinforced by approximately 2,000 Romanian soldiers. Arriving by different combinations of air, sea, train and road, the NATO Allies prove that the Alliance is capable of offering a rapid and dissuasive response to any threat.