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Elite athletes on the Palace carpet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Number: 5675

On Oct. 12th, the best military athletes of this year met in the Spanish Army HQ at a reception that the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army Jaime Domínguez Buj −General of the Army− organized to thank them for their efforts and for winning the pertinent diplomas.

General Domínguez Buj said to the athletes that the reason why they were at the reception is because of the significance of what they do and that they are an example to follow. He added that the victories that all of them have individually obtained are an inspiration for their fellows and a way to portray that image of the military personnel that results in the image of the Army itself.  

The delegation was made of military personnel who stand out in different fields: NCO Pascua (long-range precision weapon),  NCO Gallegos (short-range shooting),  NCO García (patrols contest), NCO Lozano and soldier López (female and male pentathlon), lieutenant González de la Higuera (shooting patrols), soldier Pérez, (shooting circuit), major Macías (orientation races), captain De la Fuente (cross-country running), sergeant Saez (skiing), soldier Vaquero (marathon), sergeant Lago (fencing), soldier Cuaresma (olympic trench), soldier Ahmed (triathlon) and soldier Galego and soldier Cordero (precision shooting).

Other attendees: LTC Cuevas for promoting rugby within the Spanish Army,  LTC Pisabarro for organizing sports competitions and LTC Gutiérrez for getting the highest score on the Fitness General test during the last 5 years.

There were 2 delegations (BRIPAC, Spanish Airborne Brigade and Spanish Legion Brigade) to which Mr. Domínguez Buj gave, respectively, the awards for being the unit with the highest global Fitness General Test and for being the winners of the 6th edition of the 'General of the Army' trophy,

     Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army highlighted the good image these athletes portray of the Army

Chief of Staff of the Spanish Army highlighted the good image these athletes portray of the Army. (Photo: Ángel G. Tejedor/Army Communication)