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The Spanish contingent deployed in Iraq welcomes Morenés

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Number: 5513

The Spanish contingent deployed in Iraq has received the visit of Pedro Morenés ––the acting Defense Minister of Spain––. On October 3rd and 4th, Mr. Morenés has been with the military personnel who are fulfilling their missions in Baghdad and Besmayah.

The Spanish Ambassador to Iraq, José María Ferré, welcomed the acting Minister at his arrival to the Iraqi capital and informed him on the current situation of Iraq in a work meeting.

Once the meeting was over, Morenés went by helicopter to the Spanish base ‘Gran Capitan’ in Besmayah; most of the Spanish contingent is at this base. The acting Minister was received by the the current Chief of the base, Colonel Váquez de Prada.

During his stay at the Spanish base, the acting Minister chaired an event to pay tribute to those who gave their lives for Spain. Aarón Vidal, the soldier who, in action, passed away in September, was  especially remembered. After this, Morenés exchanged impressions with the personnel of the contingent that executes their task along with military personnel from Portugal, the UK, and the US under the command of Colonel Váquez de Prada.

After the visit, the acting minister went back by helicopter to Baghdad where he met the following day with the 4th, Special Operations Group´s Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Jiménez, who informed him about the operations in progress and the evolution of the military activities in the area.


Meeting at the Spanish Base of Besmayah

Meeting at the Spanish Base of Besmayah (Photo:MINISDEF)