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Receipt of the 2 first helicopters HT-29 Caiman

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Number: 5461

The Spanish Army has introduced today at the base ‘Coronel Maté’ in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) the two first HT-29 Caiman. They are the new helicopters NH-90, using the latest technology, that join the airships’ fleet of the FAMET (Spanish Army Helicopter Forces).

According to the FAMET´s chief, General García Blázquez: ‘With the arrival of these helicopters, the efforts to equip the Spanish Armed Forces come together and materialize themselves with a more modern helicopter making the Armed Forces more operational and with more maneuvering capacity with a completely digital platform.’
After the formal reception ceremony (chaired by the chief of the Logistics Support Command Lt. Gen., García Sánchez) and the signature of the document, the two helicopters flew to Agoncillo base, La Rioja (North of Spain). There, there is the 3rd Maneuver Helicopter Battalion which will be the unit having this new helicopter model. 

The new helicopters have been assembled at the Airbus factory in Albacete. All the systems built in them have been designed and produced entirely in Spain which also means a boost for the national industry.

The HT-29 Caimán is at the leading edge of all the technical progress and will renew a veteran helicopters´ fleet. Its incorporation will be progressive at a pace of 3 aircrafts per year until 2023 reaching a total of 6 units. During that time, they will live together with HU-10, Augusta Bell 212 and Superpuma, which will be little by little being replaced

HT-29 flying to Argoncillo base

HT-29 flying to Argoncillo base (Photo: Ángel G. Tejedor/DECET)