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The Army increases its fleet of tactical vehicles

Friday, December 4, 2015

Number: 4739

The Army is adding to its fleet of vehicles 108 URO VAMTACs (high mobility tactical vehicles) and 95 chassis as part of its ongoing effort to ensure that its units have state-of-the-art equipment and to further increase their operational capabilities.

Delivery of the vehicles has been staged over three phases: The first was on 26 November; the second is expected on 17 December; the third, on 29 December. It includes high mobility tactical vehicles with different configurations: general purpose, mine resistant, Mistral missile carrier, shelter carrier, ambulance, firefighter, command post and Mercurio (signals vehicle).

In addition to the vehicles, the delivery includes 20 Spike missile launchers and almost one hundred chassis (their assembly will be completed in 2016), as well as the first prototype of a land reconnaissance vehicle designed and developed by Army Logistic Support Command.

This delivery is an important milestone not only in terms of numbers, but also because for the first time the vehicles have been fitted with gun carriages in the factory.

Lined vehicles ready to be delivered

Lined vehicles ready to be delivered (Photo: MALE)