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The Spanish gunners in Adana welcome the Prime Minister

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has acknowledged the security role played by the Spanish contingent deployed at the base of Adana, Turkey. He was visiting the Patriot battery Spain has contributed to the NATO operation “Active Fence” on 15 November.

Rajoy stressed that the situation in Syria and neighbouring areas poses “a threat to global security”, and that Spain’s commitment to its allies is manifested by its contribution of the contingent.

There are currently around 150 Spanish troops at Adana, members of the 74th and 81st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiments. They are equipped with a Patriot battery with several launchers, a Command Post and an ICC (Information & Command Centre) which enables its integration in the allied anti-missile defence system.

The first deployment occurred on January 2015, when the Spanish unit replaced a Dutch unit which had been stationed there. Since then, they have been working alongside German and US soldiers to defend the skies of Turkey and of the other NATO members against ballistic attacks from third countries.

Mariano Rajoy visiting the troops

Mariano Rajoy visiting the troops (Photo: EMAD)