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The Minister of Defence witnesses Special Operations Command demonstration

Friday, September 18, 2015

Number: 4533

The authorities witness a demonstration

The authorities witness a demonstration (Photo: DECET)

Seated at the controls of one of the vehicles

Seated at the controls of one of the vehicles (Photo: DECET)

The minister tries on the unit’s green beret

The minister tries on the unit’s green beret (Photo: DECET)

The operation to capture a terrorist leader carried out by a task force of Special Operations Command (MOE by its Spanish acronym) at the Agost exercise field and shooting range in Alicante was followed through screens from the “Alférez Rojas Navarrete” base by a special spectator: Minister of Defence Pedro Morenés, who visited MOE HQ on 17 September.

The Minister was accompanied by the Chief of the Army Staff, General Jaime Domínguez Buj, and MOE commander General Demetrio Muñoz. He watched the action unfold through image data received in real time from a helmet camera worn by one of the green berets, another on the ground and a third camera on a remotely operated aircraft flying over the scene.

During the operation one of the members of the task force pretended to be injured as part of the scenario and he was tended to by one of his colleagues with the help of the base medics, who guided him through the telemedicine system he was carrying.

Morenés witnessed two more demonstrations: The rescue of a hostage, which involved three helicopters from the Special Operations Unit of the Army Helicopter Forces; and the capture of an enemy trying to flee using dogs trained by the Defence Dog Centre.

The working visit also included a display at the Special Operations Training Tower and an exhibition of materiel used by the Unit.