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Cavalry Units Celebrate the Feast Day of their Patron Saint

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Number: 1801

The Royal Delegate has been the mayor of Santiago

The Royal Delegate has been the mayor of Santiago (Photo:7th Light Infantry Brigade)

In Ceuta 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment ‘Montesa’

In Ceuta 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment ‘Montesa’ (Photo:Ceuta General Command)

10th Armoured Cavalry Regiment ‘Alcántara’ Formation in Melilla

10th Armoured Cavalry Regiment ‘Alcántara’ Formation in Melilla (Photo:Ceuta General Command)

The Cavalry Arm commemorated on 25th July the feast day of its patron saint, Saint James Apostle, with various ceremonies held throughout Spain.  One of the most significant was the one that took place in ‘Obradoiro’ square in Santiago de Compostela. Gathering there were members of 7th Light Infantry Brigade ‘Galicia’ and the Operational Logistic Force who paid official honours to the Royal Delegate, an honour that this year fell to the figure of the mayor Santiago de Compostela, Mr. Ángel Currás. The Royal Delegate was accompanied by the commander of the Operational Logistic Force, General Francisco J. Abajo.

Another of the most outstanding celebrations was carried out on military Base ‘El Empecinado’ in Santovenia de Pisuerga (Valladolid). The ceremony –presided over by the director of the Personnel Assistance Department, General José M. Sanz- began with the incorporation of the 12th Regiment ‘Farnesio’ Colour.  During the military parade the Royal Order was read by which the patronage of Saint James Apostle was ratified and several medals were awarded.  Following this, servicepersons joining the reserve bid farewell to the Colour.  After the address by the Regiment commander, Colonel Antonio L. Ponce de León, there was a tribute ceremony to those who have given their lives for Spain. 

The commemoration of the feast day of Saint James Apostle in Ceuta was presided over by General  Ramón Martín-Ambrosio, general commander of the autonomous city, and this consisted of a military parade held on the Parade Ground of Base ‘Coronel Galindo’, with 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment ‘Montesa’ having the main role.  

Base ‘Teniente Coronel Fernando Primo de Rivera’ in Melilla was also the venue for an event on the occasion of the Cavalry patron saint.  In this case, the force in formation belonged to 10th Armoured Cavalry Regiment ‘Alcántara’. The ceremony was presided over by the general commander of the city of Melilla, General Álvaro de la Peña, and included the presentation of the cravat of Saint Fernando awarded to the Regiment on the occasion of the events in 1921 in Annual.