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The Ceuta ‘Regulares’ Continue to Compile their Glorious History in Books

Friday, July 20, 2012

Number: 1793

3rd Ceuta ‘Regulares’ Forces Group will be presented in September

Cover of the work

Cover of the work (Photo:54th Ceuta ‘Regulares’ Group)

3rd Ceuta ‘Regulares’ Forces Group is a new edition in a series of books that is compiling the glorious history of the ‘Regulares’ in the western sector of the Spanish Protectorate.  This new edition will be presented in September by the Autonomous City of Ceuta’s Regional Culture Ministry. 

Sergeant Major Juan García del Río Fernández and Master Sergeant Carlos González Rosado, authors of the present volume, last year published the work titled 54th Ceuta ‘Regulares’ Group. 1911-2011, A Century of History and expect to present a third –4th Ceuta ‘Regulares Group`’Larache’- at the beginning of 2013. ‘With the next book,  the history of the Eastern sector of the Protectorate will be the only one left to be published,’ explains the commander  of the 54th Ceuta ‘Regulares’, Colonel José Faura Salvador.

This most recently published volume, with nearly 200 pages, constitutes a reference work on the history of the ‘Regulares’, thanks to an extraordinary image archive.  The magnificent work may be acquired through the Ceuta Regional Ministry on Education, Culture and Women’s Affairs, as well as through the Friends of the Specific ‘Regulares’ Museum by telephone on 956 52 16 47 and for the modest price of  15 Euros. In addition, along with the book, purchasers will receive an issue of the magazine ’Tabor’ Notebook of ‘Regulares’ Diffusion, which comes out every six months.

The authors have had collaboration from the Autonomous City of Ceuta, the Ceuta Port Authority, the city’s National Open University centre and the 54th ‘Regulares’ Group itself in the book’s completion and publication.