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Presentation of Diplomas for Recognised Valour in 49th Light Infantry Regiment 'Tenerife'

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Number: 1733

35 servicepersons have received this recognition for combat action in Afghanistan

Training on Base ‘Hoya Fría’  

Training on Base ‘Hoya Fría’ (Photo:Canary Island Command)

 The moment of presenting one of the diplomas

The moment of presenting one of the diplomas (Photo:Canary Island Command)

A lieutenant and 34 professional troop servicepersons from 49th Light Infantry Regiment ‘Tenerife’ on 18th June received their respective personal diplomas for accredited valour which the Joint Chief of the Defence Staff has recognised for their combat actions undertaken in September 2009 in Afghanistan.

The presentation ceremony has taken place on Base ‘Hoya Fría’, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and has been presided over by the commander of 16th Brigade ‘Canarias’, General Alfonso García-Vaquero. Attending were relatives, friends and former members of the Regiment who, as the honoured soldiers, were part of the Task Force to Support Elections in Afghanistan. 

They all belonged to Task Force ‘Albuera’, which fulfilled the mission of assuring land communications in the difficult Sabzak pass during the undertaking of the 2009 Afghan elections.  This pass, the key point for logistic sustainment of Qala-i-Naw, was regularly threatened by the insurgents, which put fulfilling the Spanish mission in the Afghan province in danger. 

This new recognition of ‘accredited valour’ is joined by the five Crosses of Military Merit in the red division and the twelve citations as distinguished in the General Order, which were awarded previously to other fellow soldiers from the Regiment that deployed in Afghanistan during the same period.