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Mr. Pedro Morenés, Honorary Mountain Light Infantryman

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Number: 1716

The minister has inaugurated an exhibition hall on Base ‘Aizoáin’

  The minister following his arrival on the base

The minister following his arrival on the base (Photo:Mountain Troop Headquarters)

The minister unveils the commemorative plaque

The minister unveils the commemorative plaque (Photo:Mountain Troop Headquarters)

The minister of Defence, Mr. Pedro Morenés, today has inaugurated, on Base ‘Aizoáin’ in Berrioplano (Navarra), the Exhibition Hall of Mountain Light Infantry Battalion ‘Estella’ and the Skier-.Climber Company.  The Minister of Defence, who has been accompanied by the Chief of The Army Staff, has been received by the commander of the Mountain Troops, General Manuel J. Rodríguez Gil, and the commander of 66th Mountain Light Infantry Regiment ‘América’, Colonel Félix E. García Cortijo.

As it happens, Mr. Pedro Morenés carried out Obligatory Military Service as a sergeant in the Skier-Climber Company, and on his visit today he has had the chance to be reunited with the man who was his captain, General José Herrera Altamirano. On the base, the minister has been named honorary mountain light infantryman, the motive for presenting him a title, a beret and a Mountain Troops emblem. 

After this, Mr. Pedro Morenés has visited a static exhibition in which he could compare specific materiel that he used during the time he served in the unit with materiel presently fielded.  The exhibition also included two Tracked Mountain Transports (one of fibre and the other armoured) as well as the weapons that are currently used.  During his visit the minister of Defence underlined the pride that he feels for having carried out Military Service in a Mountain unit, and on concluding his tour, he has signed the Guest Book.