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 Libro de órdenes de caballeria, cruces y medallas
Libro de órdenes de caballeria, cruces y medallas


The Scientific-Historical Archive of the Army Museum belongs to the Defense’s Archives System. It is made up of several documentary collections including more than 16,000 files. The largest and most important of the collections is the one of the Army Museum itself, which keeps many of the documents generated during its more than 200 years of existence, when it was opened as Royal Military Museum in 1803. To this collection have been added the collections of institutions that do not exist nowadays, such as the former Museums of Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery or Engineers, as well as personal files and other documents from acquisitions, donations and legacies, among which it is noteworthy the documentary collection of Antonio Romero Ortiz.

- Consultation of documents
The document and file inventory of the Archive can be consulted via the database accessible from the terminal located in the consultation room of the Documental Center, on the floor 3b of the administrative building.
Once the documents to be consulted have been identified, the visitor shall request them at the information desk of the room.
Consultation schedule: Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 h through 14:00 h

- Reproduction of documents
Requests for reproduction of documents shall be done at the information desk of the consultation room.
This service shall abide by the Copyright Act and can be restricted on the basis of document preservation criteria. Some specific documents shall be only reproduced by photographic means.
 As for the type of reproductions allowed and their prices, consult Order DEF/2599/2011 dated on September 21, which regulates public visits, application of the tax for private use or especial exploitation of state owned goods and public fares of the Army Museum.

For questions related to the Archive and its services, send an email to



The Army Museum Library is a specialized library, and its collections deal with a theme related, for the most part, to the collections of the Museum, which represent basically the Spain’s military history. Therefore, we can find books on the army, its uniforms, weapons, tactics, etc., as well as works that give support to the research and technical work related to the management of the said collections. The theme of its ancient collection is slightly more varied, since its initial function was more focused on the training of the military, thus finding manuals and other publications aimed to study.
Especially noteworthy, among its rarer works, is a manuscript of the 16th century written by the military engineer Giovanni Antonelli, who worked for Felipe II. It is in fact three works collected in one volume under the title of “Epitome...” and deals with artillery, fortifications and military logistics.
Today, the library holdings have nearly 15.000 copies, including around 3000 ancient books. The library also have nearly 300 periodical publications available.
Access to the library is free for anyone who is interested in consulting its collections and/or request bibliographic information related to the pieces and theme of the Museum.
The Library belongs to the Defense Library Network, and its catalogue can be consulted online through the collective catalogue of the libraries of the Ministry of Defense, BIBLIODEF: The digitalized works of its ancient books can also be accessed through the Defense Virtual Library, BVD:
Opening hours are from 10:00 to 14:00, from Tuesday to Sunday, except the Monday, that the Museum remains closed. For more information you can contact us via e-mail 






  • Colección Museo Romero Ortiz

    Certificado de Matrimonio de Quevedo 1878
    Certificado de Matrimonio de Quevedo 1878
  • Els soldats i altres papers de rengles, 1933-1936

    Joan Amadest
    Joan Amadest

    Julio César Firrufino:
    Julio César Firrufino:
  • Álbum de la Infantería Española, 1861

    Serafín María de Soto, conde de Clonard.
    Serafín María de Soto, conde de Clonard.