Director´s greeting


 General Jesús Arenas García
General Jesús Arenas García

 As Director of the Army Museum, I would like to welcome you to this web page on behalf of all those who are part of the Museum. I hope that its contents will satisfy you and that the information you will encounter here will encourage you to visit it in person.

The Army Museum is a national museum based in the Alcázar of Toledo. It treasures a wide cultural heritage, made up by the museum itself and the rich collections of historical, artistic, scientific and technical value that it houses. All the personnel who serve in the Museum strive every day to make it available to you, guarding it, preserving it, exhibiting it and disseminating the history of the Spanish army.

The Army Museum offers you 21 permanent rooms, 8 of them historical and 13 thematic. In addition to these, there is 1 room for temporary exhibitions. The museum also organizes in its auditorium and its didactic room a wide range of cultural activities for both adults and kids.

Likewise, the Army Museum also promotes research by facilitating access to its collections. The Museum has a department dedicated to researchers’ support, as well as rooms duly equipped so they can develop their work. I encourage you to visit it and immerse yourself in the exciting History of Spain and its Army.

The Museum and its director are at your disposal.

General Arenas