Director´s greeting


General Antonio Rajo Moreno

As Director of the Army Museum, I wish to welcome you to this website on behalf of the entire staff of this institution. I hope that its contents meet your expectations and that the information it provides tickles your curiosity and encourages you to come and visit our Museum in person.

To fulfill its goals, the Army Museum boasts 21 halls; 8 of which are history-oriented and 13 theme-oriented. There is, as well, an additional hall for temporary exhibitions. By dint of its holdings and the discourse of its exhibitions, the Museum puts on view the history of Spain and brings to light the military contributions to intellectual, social, cultural and scientific progress in our country.

In order to foster the culture of defense, the Museum draws on specific activities- either of its own or of other institutions- that are developed in its facilities; particularly, in the auditorium and in didactic rooms. Furthermore, the Museum promotes research by facilitating investigative work within its rich collections, for which purpose it has a department intended for supporting researchers as well as the best facilities in its library and in its 10 storerooms.