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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

Shield of the Unit

1st Brigade 'Aragón'


Main activities

  • Training of the units
  • Taking part in exercises
  • Collaborating with civilian bodies

Foreign operations

Peacekeeping missions
  • IFOR
  • SFOR
  • KFOR
  • ISAF

Visit 2nd Cavalry Brigade "CASTILLEJOS"


Under the command of a Brigade general, currently the Honourable Mr. Andrés Chapa Huidobro, the “Aragón” 1st Brigade, has been a dependent of the “San Marcia” Division since 1st January 2017. It’s a young unit, created in June 1986 with the name “Castillejos” 2nd Cavalry Brigade, inheriting the history and traditions of the Regiments that came before it. As a result of the Army transformation process, the Brigade adopted the name  “Aragón” 1st Brigade on 1st January 2017, also incorporating the units of Mountain troops headquarters situated in the Prynees.

With its main headquarters in Zaragoza,  the “Aragón” 1st Brigade currently consists of: Military headquarters, 1st Batalion military headquarters, Armoured Regiment “Pavía” n° 4, “Galicia” Infantry Regiment n° 64 of Infantry Mountain Soldiers (Jaca – Huesca), “Arapiles” Infantry Regiment n° 62 (Barcelona and San Clemente de Sasebas – Gerona), Artillery Countryside Regiment (RACA) n° 20, 1st Batalion of sappers and 1st Logistics Group.

Since 1992, its units have participated in Peace Missions in various task forces and brigades deployed in former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and in Kosovo, as well as in Lebanon (LH), Afghanistan (ISAF), Mali and Iraq.

Latest news of the unit