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Advantages of serving in the unit


Military Base JAIME I (Bétera)

Military Base JAIME I (Bétera)

Working in HQ NRDC-ESP means working in a multinational environment. English is the language we use and therefore you can easily improve your English profile if you join us. You can also participate in NATO exercises and training activities not only in Spain but also abroad. HQ NRDC-ESP members of the staff have the possibility to apply for NATO courses to improve professional skills in their area of expertise. Being a member of HQ NRDC-ESP gives you the opportunity to participate in seminars, workshops and planning activities carried out in different NATO headquarters. NATO HQs, as part of the long term rotation plan, regularly become part of the NATO Response Force and other commitments.


Personnel Support Office (Bétera)

Personnel Support Office (Bétera)

The Personnel Support Office (OFAP) can support you by providing useful and relevant information about the services you have in our military base.
The OFAP, as part of the plan to improve the quality of life for our soldiers, organizes military, social and cultural activities such as: 
- Courses: languages, offimatic, driving licenses, preparation to join Guardia Civil...
- Social and cultural activities: cultural visits, skiing trips...



-          Library: more than 7000 books are available in our library (Monday to Thursday until 19.00 and Friday until 13.00).

-          Logistic accommodation for officers, NCOs and private is also available in the base. 

-          There is also a large, well-equipped gym and a variety of sport facilities to practice football, athletics, basketball, wall tennis and swimming (outdoors).

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