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  • History of BRILAT – 7th Brigade "GALICIA" VII

    Escudo de la Brigada de Infantería Aerotransportable

    On January 24th, 1966, the Airborne Infantry Brigade was activated in accordance with General Order of the 8th Military Region HQ, as part of what was then known as the Immediate Intervention Forces.


    Escudo de la Brigada de Infantería Ligera Aerotransportable

    On January 1st, 1988, it was formally given the name AIRBORNE LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE, merging with the 3rd Regiment “Príncipe”, based in Asturias.


    Escudo de la Brigada de Infantería Ligera Aerotransportable Galicia VII

    On July 1st, 1996, the BRILAT changed its name to 7th AIRBORNE LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE “GALICIA”. From April 11th, 2006, Royal Decree 416/2006 mandate the BRILAT become part of the Army Forces as a light force. By Order 05/07, on “Army Organizational Adaptations”, it was named the 7th AIRBORNE LIGHT INFANTRY BRIGADE “GALICIA”, being part of the same Light Forces structure. 



    Lastly, as a consequence of the reorganization of the Armed Forces by Ministerial Order 8/2015 of January 22nd, the Brigade was renamed 7th Brigade “Galicia” on January 1st, 2017, being part of “Castillejos” Division, which was created on the same day. 

     This Brigade-size unit has been enriched by the brilliant military records of the Units that are under its command; The Records of grand old Tercios and Regiments, Artillerymen and Engineers, Miners and Comms. Aliases such as THE FAITHFUL, THE GLORIOUS, THE LOYAL, THE BOLD, THE FORETOLD, THE CONQUEROR, have been part of our heritage since 1537.


    The Infantry regiments under BRILAT´s command are heirs and custodians of the military records of some of the oldest units in the Spanish Army:

    RI Príncipe

    The 3rd Infantry Regiment “Príncipe”, called “The Bold”, was activated in 1537; Corporal Noval was a member when he made his historic gesture in the Rif campaign. He holds three San Fernando ties on his flag.

    Today it consists of two Protected Infantry Battalions (BIP, according to its Spanish acronym):

       1. BIP “San Quintín” I/3: its origin dates back to 1877, when the battalions “Reserva de Barcelona” and “Sigüenza”, were transformed into a Regiment.

        2. BIP “Toledo” II/3: its history comes from “Tercio de Vera”, activated in 1661, called “The Foretold” 

    escudo5The 29th Infantry Regiment “Isabel la Católica”, activated in 1872, has a San Fernando tie in its flag, because of the Action at Muruaín hill, in 1875. It is continuing the record of the “Tercio de Zamora”, activated in 1580, and has been named “The Faithful”. During its participation in the Flanders war, its victory in the action at Bommel was attributed to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, since then patron saint of the Tercios of Flanders and Italy; and of all the Infantry since 1892, by Royal Decree of Queen Regent Maria Christina.




    The 12th Cavalry Regiment “Farnesio” was the last unit to join the BRILAT on October 15th, 2016. It was activated with the name of Tercio de Caballería in the Duchy of Flanders, by Royal Order given to the General Governor of the Low Countries. It was organized by Field Marshall George Christian and “was given a salary from the State on March 7th, 1649”, his Majesty the King Felipe V later ordering that it resume its duties in the Peninsula, returning to Spain in 1710.

    Today it consists of a single Cavalry Group:

    1. The Cavalry Group “Santiago” I/12 was activated in 2010 and became part of this Brigade.As in the case of the Regiments, the other Units under the Brigade command, Combat Support and Combat Service Support units, are the successors to the old Spanish Army units.


    To learn more about the units that make up the 7th Brigade "Galicia", click HERE

    It is these deep-rooted traditions—the Spirit forged by the men and women that have served in this Brigade throughout the years, their quiet, hard work, their modesty and steadfastness, despite the harsh conditions they sometimes had to endure—that led the soldiers of the 7th Brigade “Galicia” – BRILAT to adopt the motto:

    historial monolito




  • Awards and Decorations of the 7th Brigade "GALICIA".

    A special mention should be made concerning the awards and decorations with which the BRILAT has been honored, most of them for participating in missions overseas, like the one awarded, on November 10th, 1995, during the Task Foce “GALICIA” deactivation parade, when said Task Force was awarded the Gold Medal and Santiago de Compostela City Council.

    On May 15th, 1983, the La Coruña City Council delivers the Flag to the 29th RILAT “ISABEL LA CATÓLICA”.

    On October 9th, 1983, the Oviedo City Council delivers the Flag to the 3rd RILAT “PRÍNCIPE”

    On November 11th, 1995, the deactivation parade of the Company “ASTURIAS” took place in the Oviedo Cathedral square. This company is given the Gold Medal of el Principality of Asturias and Oviedo City Council.

    On January 27th, 1996, at Pontevedra’s Alameda park, the Gold Medals of the City were given to the battalion “PONTEVEDRA” and the Gold Medals of the Province were given to the Task Force “GALICIA” combat service support and logistics units. 

    On February 5th, 1996, on the motion of the Confraternity President, the 7th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade “Galicia” was made an HONORARY MEMBER because of its consistent and brilliant presence and collaboration in the festivities honoring Saint Elmo, in the village of Tui.

    On May 7th, 1996, Task Force “Galicia” members were awarded the Collective Gold Medal of the Spanish Red Cross.The “Lugo person of the year” award was given to Task Force “GALICIA” in 1996.

    On June 8th, 1996, the Company “LA CORUÑA”, part of Task Force “GALICIA”, was awarded the City’s Gold Medal and the Province’s Tie of Honor by the La Coruña City Council and Provincial Government, as part of the Armed Forces day parades.

    On October 1st, 1999, the “Fernández Latorre” Foundation awarded the “Voice of Solidarity” prize to SPABRI XI.Recently and as a result of its participation in international missions such as Afghanistan (RILAT 29) and Lebanon (BRILAT), it has been awarded the pertinent Commemorative Ties, which appear on its Guidons.

    On August 5th, 2011, the BRILAT was awarded the "Pontevedra Province Gold Medal”, which was delivered in an official parade on August 11th.

    On July 20th, 2013, the BRILAT was awarded with the "Tie of the Order of Santiago" and the BRILAT’s commander was nominated as Knight of the Order of St. James in Obradoiro square.

    On November 6th, 2013, the BRILAT was awarded the "Friends of the Portuguese Path of St. James Badge".

    On February 15th, 2014, the BRILAT was awarded the "Honorific Mention Gold Category" by the Civil Guard National Association and the BRILAT commander was awarded the “Great Cross of the Knights of St. James”.

    On September 18th, 2015, the Brigade was awarded the "Gold Medal of the Order of the Path of St. James", collective category.

    On December 5th, 2015, the BRILAT was awarded the "Tie of the Order of Civil Merit" by the Government Delegate in Galicia, Mr. Santiago Villanueva Álvarez during the San Hermenegild parade on April 27th, 2016.

    On March 25th, 2017, the BRILAT is awarded with the "Prestige Catastrophe Medal of Acknowledgment" by the Civil Service National Volunteers Association of Spain.

    On March 31st, 2017, the BRILAT was awarded with the "Distinguished Services Cross" by the General Council of Industrial Relationships and Work Sciences Graduates.

    In 2019 the BRILAT was awarded the "Galicians of the year" prize by the Correo Gallego (Galician Courier).

    On January 30th, 2020, the BRILAT was awarded the "Sabino Fernández Campos" prize for the actions of the Task Force “Zamora” members at the Koulikoro base (Malí) during operation EUTM MALI XIII.

    On January 24th, 2021, the BRILAT was nominated as Honorary Member of the Charles III Foundation. The nomination was in recognition of the “international and professional prestige reached by the BRILAT in peace missions” in which it has participated and for “contributing to the peace, security and defense of the nation, showing itself to be an elite, cohesive, modern and operational military force”. 



    historial boinas

    De color gris, habitual en el cielo de las áreas geográficas donde tenemos nuestras raíces y en el plumaje del dorso del azor. Su badan sudadera e ínfulas negras han estado presentes desde el primer modelo.

    EL AZOR 
    Aguíla harris


    Ave rapaz propia de los bosques gallegos y cantábricos, de hábitos discretos, dotado de extraordinarias cualidades depredadoras y destacada agresividad. 

    Desde 2013 está presente en nuestros actos solemnes.




    El 12 de mayo de 2021, los Jefes de Estado Mayor de los ejércitos portugués y español firmaron en Santa Margarida (Portugal) la Carta de intención sobre el hermanamiento de la BRILAT y la Brigada de Intervençao (BrigInt), cuyo Cuartel General se ubica en Coimbra y cuenta con unidades en Braga, Vila Real, Viseu, Vendas Novas, Espinho, Entroncamento, Queluz y Oporto.