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Dirección de Acuartelamiento del Ejército

Escudo DIACU
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Main Activities

Main Activities


Organisation and mission

Organisation and mission
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Enter the Army Barracks Management

Enter the Army Barracks Management


On behalf of all the members of the Army Barracks Management, I wish to warmly welcome you to our web page. We hope that visitors use the content of this site to get a clear and accurate idea of our identity, structure, organisation and tasks.

The Army Barracks Management (in Spanish: La Dirección de Acuartelamiento, DIACU) is made up of a high number of men and women, both civil and military personnel, fitting within the Sub-inspection Management Headquarters (North, South, Pyrenean and Canaries) and the Centre Coordination Section.

As delegated by the Army General Inspector, the DIACU manages and controls the barracks services, the inventory and the safety of the facilities of Bases, Barracks and Army Establishements. Likewise, they carry out activities relating to quality of life, risk prevention in the workplace, regulations for internal systems, and properties, zones and facilties of interest for National Defence.

All of these tasks are fundamental for the achievement of the main objective of the DIACU: contribute to the highest degree of operability of the Units, Centres and Organisations staying in bases. None of this would be possible without the human potential the leadership brings to the people posted within it, and its spirit and dedication that offers the best support to our Army.

We hope that this INTERNET page, along with the INTRANET page, is of use to all those who view it and we always appreciate your contributions or suggestions to help us improve the quality of the page.

Best Wishes.

General Director de Acuartelamiento.



Edificio de Capitanía de Madrid


Latest news of the unit

Acto Homenaje a los Caídos por la Patria

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Dia de los Caídos por la Patria

El pasado 2 de noviembre el General Director de Acuartelamiento D. Enrique Millán martínez presidió un emotivo y sencillo acto en los Cementerios de San Salvador (Leganés) y de Carabanchel Bajo.

01 Entrega Cédula Embajador Marca Ejército

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Entrega Cédula Embajadores Marca Ejército de Castilla la Mancha

El General Director de Acuartelamiento y Representante Institucional del Ejército de Tierra en Castilla-La Mancha, D. Enrique Millán Martínez, entregó ayer en el incomparable marco del Museo del Ejército en Toledo las cédulas de nombramiento a los primeros seis embajadores «Marca Ejército» con los que contará este región.