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Spanish army
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Spanish army

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Feature Articles

Monday, December 18, 2017

Number: 55

The 6th Brigade 'Almogávares' has received new mechanical 'mules' which help to gain off-road capacity

'On wheels': mechanical 'mule' 'Falcata'

The Spanish Army, throughout the Direction of Acquisitions belonging to the Command of Logistic Support, has added new vehicles to its fleet. Among them, the special air-launch vehicle, known as "mule" and named Falcata (the sword of the Iberian villages placed at the Peninsula before the Roman conquest), is highlighted.

About 30 acquired units have gone to the Paratrooper Tactical Group, which means that there is an exponential increase of their tactical capacities. Its use will not only contribute to a bigger ability of rapid displacement, once it is on land, but it is also the base of the vehicles of the command post, signals, weapons-takers etc., due to its great versatility. "The 'mules' are important because, with the air means that we have in our Armed Forces, they are almost the only launching vehicles in platforms with parachutes"  explains the chief of the Tactical group, colonel Romero.

 off-road vehicle

Off-road vehicle. Photo: (DECET)

In fact, the 'mule' -from the Company of Industrial Equipments, Inc- has enough capacity to be transported at the grocery store of the planes T-10, T-21 and T-23 belonging to the Air Forces, and also by the helicopters Chinook of the Spanish Army's Airmobile Forces, in both internal or external load. Throught external load they can also be transported by a Cougar helicopter. Falcata "mules" provide the capacity of transport necessary to the paratrooper unit, whether for the employment of collective weapons like aids of land defense, air defense or mortars, as well as for logistic transport or trawling for the artillery pieces Light Gun. The capacities of this new material beat the old mechanical "mules", specially because of their power, reliability, capacity of transport, movility and employment with different configurations, as members from the 6th Brigade "Almogávares" could check, designated as pilot unit and responsible for the breaking-in phase.

Presentation of mule 'Falcata'

Presentation of mule 'Falcata'. Photo(DECET)

Characteristics and Technical Index

The mule can carry a mortar

The mule can carry a mortar. Photo (DECET)


the compartment can carry around 931kg of weight, equivalent to 4 men with their complete equipment.


it has two anchors, one at the front and other at the back, where it can be fixed a light or a heavy machine gun.  


with square design and sturby aspect, it lacks of highlighted elements in order to favor its launch.


it is one of its strongest points. Its 120 hp combined in its reduce weight and its great traction allow it to manage with reliability in all kind of lands.


Wide load capacity

Wide load capacity. Photo: (DECET)

Technical Index
  • High movility off-road
  • Payload: 1000 kg.
  • Length/width: 3650/1985 mm.
  • Motor Ford, model DT224, cubic capacity 2198 cc.
  • Automatic transmission.
  • Permanent traction at four wheels.
  • Disc Brakes/ EBA and ABS.
  • Transport of personnel/ vehicle of rapid reconnaissance.
  • Electric system: 12 Volts, continuum current.
  • Automotive battery.
  • Trawling capacity of the capstan: 4530 kg.
  • Overcoming slope.
  • Lateral slope.

The new vehicle going into action

The new vehicle going into action. Photo:(DECET)