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Buenavista Palace

Spanish Army Headquarters

Buenavista Palace is currently located at the Spanish Army's Headquarters, situated in the neighbourhood "Justicia", right at the centre of Madrid and framed among Alcalá Street, Prim y Barquillo and Paseo de Recoletos.

View of the Palace

View of the Palace

Front of the Buenavista Palace

Front of the Buenavista Palace.

Goya tapestry

Goya tapestry

It is placed on the hill with the same name, and forms part, together with Linares Palace (Casa ed América) and the Telecommunications Palace (currently Madrid's city hall), of a marvellous architectural group, around the glorious Cibeles Font.

In 1777, the 13th Duchess of Alba, Maria Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Solva y Álvarez de Toledo, together with the architect Juan Pedro Arnal, builds the new palace with its current neoclassisc design.

Closey associated with the Army since 1816, first as a Military Museum, the palace became the seat of the Ministry of War in 1847, the Ministry of Army in 1939 and later the Ministry of Defense from the 1977 to the 1981.

Being a witness of a huge part of Spain's history since the 16th Century, Buenavista was taken by relevant characters such as 13th Duchess of Alba, mentioned before, General Espartero (Kingdom's regent), General Prim (who dies after suffering a terrorist attack), D. Miguel Primo de Rivera (Military Directory's President) and D. Manuel Azaña (War Minister and later on the President of the 2nd Republic).

Its living rooms, ornamented by beautiful tapestries and carpets from the Real Fabrica de Tapices in Santa Bárbara, founded in 1720 by Philip V, preserves the flavour and good taste of the personalitites that lived in there. From its walls hang pictures of great masters; from its roofs, lamps from the Real Fábrica de la Granja; and over its furniture, Luis XV and XVI styles, there are rich porcelains together with an impressive collection of clocks that mark the inexorable passing of time.

Witness of the bigger events of our country, to go throught the different rooms from this palace, is to travel to a long period of time of the Spanish history.

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