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Ministry of Defence

Ejército de Tierra

'Boletín Tierra' Newspaper Reports

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Number: 8303

In Córdoba, Badajoz and Melilla

Brigades 'Guzmán el Bueno,' 'Extremadura' and the Third 'Gran Capitán' Complete Instructional and Training Exercises

Ejercicio en Cerro Muriano

Exercise in Cerro Muriano

Ejercicio en Bótoa (Badajoz)

Exercise in Bótoa (Badajoz)

Ejercicio en Melilla

Exercise in Melilla

Members of the 2nd Infantry Regiment “La Reina,”  which belongs to the Brigade “Guzmán el Bueno,” carried out an exercise type Alfa at the Cerro Muriano (Córdoba) Manoeuvres and Shooting Range and base. It took place February 1st through the 5th under the command of the Protected Infantry Battalion “Princesa.”
Through this exercise, capabilities in generalized combat continued to be strengthened and improved. A major feature of this exercise was the use of the ACT (Armoured Caterpillar Transport), which held a prominent position in the instruction. This exercise also sought to better integrate fire support to benefit the entire battalion. Finally, all the instruction that had taken place throughout the week was brought together in a continuous exercise lasting 30 hours.
Instruction Exercises in Badajoz
Personnel from the 6th “Saboya” Infantry Regiment, which is part of the 11th Brigade “Extremadura,” carried out a continuous training session at the Manoeuvres Field of the “General Menacho” Base in Bótoa (Badajoz) on January 25th. The aim of this exercise was to consolidate the knowledge and mechanized procedures used in conventional combat and to intensify training for combat on foot in urban combat zones in order to prepar for the next deployment to Latvia (eFPIX) and as part of the 2021 training goals.
The exercise was divided into two main activities. At first, work was carried out by a mechanized tactical subgroup in offensive and defensive operations within a high intensity conventional operation framework. In the afternoon, the focus switched to instruction and mechanized training in urban environments. To accomplish this, a tactical assumption was established in which the approach to an urban objective had to be carried out in order to proceed with the assault and clearing of the area, all while assuming the presence of an opposing force. Finally, after the objective was met, forces would reunite at a meeting point. Through this exercise, leaders practiced the coordination of combat vehicles with combat elements on foot in a complex urban scenario.  
Live fire exercise en Melilla
The First Flag of the Third “Gran Capitan,” First of the Legion (Melilla) is part of the Defensive Phase of the Annual Preparation Program. For this exercise, a section of the Third Company Platoon carried out a defensive live fire exercise that consisted of breaking through a lightly protected sector established due to enemy pressure. While the section carried out the movements in the rear, teams of precision marksmen eliminated objectives that had been designated by the Company´s captain.