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Army CBRN Units Participate in the 'Toxic Aggressor 23' exercise

Monday, September 25, 2023

Number: 9455

At the Center for Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defence of Krusevac (Serbia)

Practice carried out during the exercise

Practice carried out during the exercise

Personnel of the Nuclear, Bacteriological and Chemical Defense Regiment (NBC) "Valencia" No. 1, of the Health Group No. 1 -with a CBRN casualty decontamination station-, Regiment of Bridge Builders and Specialties of Engineers No. 11 -EOD teams (explosive ordnance disposal) - and Headquarters I and II Battalions -CBN companies- carried out the "Toxic Aggressor 23" exercise, developed from September 9th to 23rd at the CBRN Center (Center for Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense) of Krusevac (Serbia).

This exercise is a unique opportunity to meet the chemical warfare agent training objectives of the Annual Preparedness Program, using sarin, iperite, VX and lewisite. This Serbian center is one of the few in Europe that allows this type of preparation which is so demanding and essential for CBRN units.

In addition to the high degree of instruction that the participants get, the importance of this exercise is highlighted so that the participants test the performance of all the chemical equipment, both protection, detection and identification. On this occasion, the high sensitivity and reliability that has been observed in the LCD 3.3, new chemical detection equipment with IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) technology with which the NBC units of the Army have recently been equipped, stands out.

This exercise, along with the annual real-agent "Precise Response" exercise, which is being conducted in Canada, targeting Forensic Sampling Teams, are essential in order to maintain the degree of readiness of the national CBRN capabilities.