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The 7th "Galicia" Brigade deploys within the framework of NATO Readiness Initiative

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Number: 9369

At "San Gregorio" Training Center in Zaragoza

The exercise was carried out in 'San Gregorio'

The exercise was carried out in 'San Gregorio'

A total of 700 soldiers belonging to the 7th "Galicia" Brigade (BRI) carried out the Beta I/23 exercise, within the framework of NATO Readiness Initiative (NRI), carried out from June 5th to 11th, at the facilities of "San Gregorio," Training Center (CENAD) in Zaragoza.

This is a Live Exercise (LIVEX), type Field Training Exercise (FTX), in which the BRI VII had the mission of designing, generating and preparing the units contributed to the NRI, guaranteeing their level of readiness and availability.

It is aimed at achieving the desirable training of the "Toledo" II/3 Battalion, the unit responsible for generating the tactical group (GT) NRI, in which it has participated with capabilities of other units of the Brigade, mainly the "Santiago" I/12 Cavalry Group, the Field Artillery Group, the Headquarters Battalion and the Sappers Battalion.

The exercise had two distinct phases: a first phase of deployment and integration of all participating units and a second phase in which the national evaluation process of these units was carried out.

Among the main objectives defined for the exercise is the training of the NRI GT in the planning and conduct of high-intensity and stabilization operations, especially in combat operations in urbanized areas, against adversaries with capabilities similar to those of the own forces, validating the command and control capabilities (C2) of the GT and employing the architecture of the Information and Communication Systems (CIS), improving training in the use of SC2NET, BMS and TALOS tools.

On the part of the Brigade, an exercise direction and control element (DIREX/EXCON) was deployed on the basis of the 12th "Farnesian" Cavalry Regiment, supported by the 3rd "Prince" Regiment for the evaluation process of the participating units.

NATO Readiness Initiative

NATO availability plan concerning the NRI is structured in a two-year cycle, corresponding the first year (2023) to the "Stand-up" phase in which the unit will develop the specific national training with the aim of achieving the desirable training.

The NRI force structure was launched at NATO Summit in Brussels in June 2018, with the aim of reinforcing the Alliance's collective defence capabilities, fundamentally increasing the availability of allied forces. This NATO initiative means for the Brigade the generation and preparation of a series of units (approximately 1,500 soldiers) in which other non-national units and capabilities will be integrated, with a deployment time ranging from 20 to 60 days.