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Spain, ready to assume the command of the EU's mission in Mali

Friday, January 26, 2018

Number: 6451

Spain is already prepared for the assumption of the command of the European Union's Training Mission in Mali (EUTM-Mali), fact that will take place the next 31st of January. For that, the Spanish Army has deployed 180 tons of material in operations' zone, together with an increase of the contingent consisting on 163 soldiers during the first weeks of January.

The Centre of Logistical Support to the Operations (CALOG-OP in Spanish) of the Operative Logistics Force's Staff (CGFLO) has been the responsible of managing the projection of the material and the personnel in Malian lands, under the direction of the Operations Command and the Situation of the Army General Staff's Centre.

Altogether, four freight planes -planes of the type AN-124, Hércules T-10 and T-21 belonging to the Spanish Air Force and a B-737 plane for the personnel- were conducted. In order to manage on the working land of the Unit of Support to the Terminal and to the Terminal Units, personel from the Transport Section of the CGFLO was stationed in the air bases and airports of Barajas, Getafe, Jerez de la Frontera and Torrejón, with the aim of solving incidences and managing the authorities of transport. During the whole process it was kept a permanent contact with the operations zone in order to coordinate the performance of the logistical operation in detail.

The projected material and personnel came from different commands and units from the Spanish Army and the Navy. All movements were conducted in record time and the incidences were solved in a reduced time too, taking into account the nonworking days of December and the relative specializations of transporting dangerous goods, which entails wide managing periods and great detail in the documentation, as it is established in the regulations of the air transportation sector.   

Vehicles' load  in an AN-124

Vehicles' load in an AN-124 (Photo:FLO)