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Parade Structure

1.- Motorised Section of the Royal Guard


2.- Motorised Echelon


  • Parade Command & General Staff
  • Armed Forces & Civil Guard Veteran Units. Volunteer Reserves


3.- Units on Foot. Regular March


    1st Group on Foot (Royal Guard and Military Academies)

  • Commander & Chiefs of Staff
  • Music Band
  • 1st Company of the Royal Guard Battalion
  • Armed Forces banners and standards
  • 2nd & 3rd Companies of the Royal Guard Battalion
  • Army Cadet Battalion (two companies)
  • Air Force Cadet Squadron (two wings)
  • Army Cadet Battalion (two companies)
  • Civil Guard Cadet Mixed Battalion (two companies)


    2nd Group on Foot. Mixed Navy, Air Force, Military Emergencies & Civil Guard Units

  • Commander & Chiefs of Staff
  • Navy Battalion (two companies)
  • Air Force Squadron (two wings)
  • Military Emergencies Unit Company
  • Civil Guard Company


    3rd Group on Foot. Army

  • Commander & Chiefs of Staff
  • Mixed Battalion (12th Armoured Infantry Brigade “BRIAC”, Infantry Regiment “King’s Own Immemorial”, Mountain Troops Headquarters Company, "Cía de Mar". )
  • Parachute Brigade Battalion “BRIPAC” 


4.- Units on Foot. Specific March (4th Group)


  • Commander & Chiefs of Staff
  • Music Band
  • Legion Band
  • Tabor Regulars


5.- Units on Horseback


  • Royal Battery
  • Civil Guard Sabre Squadron