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The Legion Brigade successfully completes Exercise 'Minerva I/24'

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Number: 9594

At the 'San Gregorio' Training Center (CENAD)

At the 'San Gregorio' Training Center (CENAD)

The "Rey Alfonso XIII" II Legion Brigade successfully completed Exercise "Minerva I/24", held between February 19th and 22nd, at the San Gregorio Training Center (CENAD), in Zaragoza, under the direction of its commander, General José A. Carreras, who was assisted by an exercise control team.

The "Minerva I/24" is a command post exercise (CPX) aimed at training various command posts within the framework of a conventional operation, particularly focusing on combat operations in urbanized areas.

During the development of "Minerva I/24", experimentation activities related to the work procedures of the command posts of the Experimental Brigade (BRIEX) 35 were also carried out.

As training audiences, command posts of BRIEX 35 were identified, as well as those of subordinate units (combat groups and the logistics center), which were presented with numerous scenarios. The resolution and analysis of these scenarios will facilitate the refinement of current procedures, the advancement of the experimentation process involving the Experimental Brigade, as well as the extraction and integration of significant lessons learned.

During the exercise, the preparation, planning, and execution of fire support were conducted, along with the management of airspace and anti-aircraft defense control. Additionally, the planning and execution of engineer combat support, operations conducted through the exploitation of the Combat Brigade's Command and Control systems, and the planning and execution of logistical support, particularly in the areas of medical care and material logistics, were carried out.

The simulation functions provided by the "Minerva" system, along with the technical support from the personnel of the San Gregorio Training Center (CENAD) assisting it, added significant realism to the exercise and facilitated its execution.