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Specialist Corps celebrates its patron saint, St. Juan Bosco

Friday, February 2, 2024

Number: 9579

January 31st

The former Fundamental Specialties of Administration, Supply, Maintenance, Support Techniques, and Logistics celebrate their patron

Event held at the Logistics Academy

Event held at the Logistics Academy

Celebration of the Logistics Brigade

Celebration of the Logistics Brigade

Logistics Support Group No. 61

Logistics Support Group No. 61

The Specialist Corps has celebrated the festivity of its patron, Saint Juan Bosco, with numerous commemorative events held in different locations across the Spanish geography.

In this regard, the Chief of the Army Staff (JEME), Army General Amador Enseñat, has presided over the event held at the Army Logistics Academy on January 31st in honor of this saint.

During the event, the JEME has awarded the five-yearly "General Piqueras" Prize to Lieutenant Colonel Lacasta, in recognition of his military virtues, professional capability, and prestige demonstrated throughout his extensive career, serving as a role model for the members of the Specialist Corps and Technical Specialties of the General Corps of the Army. Additionally, the occasion was seized to present the "Logistics of Honor 2024" distinctions to Sub-Lieutenant Gracia, acknowledging his contributions to military logistics over more than 35 years of service, and to the Chief of the Fire Department of La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza), Florencio Pascual, in appreciation for the support provided to the Academy during training activities related to firefighting and rescuing individuals in traffic accidents. Furthermore, Awards for Research, Innovation, and Initiative were bestowed upon officers, professors, and students of the Logistics Academy.

The JEME also attended the concert organized by the Academy in honor of Saint Juan Bosco. Held on January 30th at the Capitol Theater in Calatayud (Zaragoza), the recital was performed by the Music Unit of the General Military Academy, with the special collaboration of the Bilbilitan tenor, Nacho del Río.

Saint Juan Bosco

At many other bases and barracks, this celebration has also taken place. The following are examples:

In the Parade Ground of the "Capitán Mayoral" barracks of the "San Jorge" Discontinuous Base in Zaragoza, an homage event to this saint has been celebrated as well. Presided over by the Chief of the Logistics Brigade, General Juan C. Olalla, the Annual Military Ceremony of the units of the Logistics Brigade and the 13th anniversary of the creation of this Brigade was conducted.

The Logistics Support Group No. 61 is another unit that has conducted a homage event to Saint John Bosco on January 31st at the 'El Empecinado' base in Santovenia de Pisuerga (Valladolid). The event was presided over by the Chief of the Maneuver Support Command, General Juan F. Arrazola.

Similarly, the "Rey Alfonso XIII" Brigade, II of the Legion, has commemorated this festivity with a military parade held at the "Álvarez de Sotomayor" base on the same day, January 31st. The celebration included various activities such as a a morning fanfare by the War Band, a Cross Country run by the Logistics Group of the Brigade, a mass at the base chapel, and the signing in the Honor Book by General Salom Herrera, who presided over the formation event, accompanied by the Brigade Commander, General José A. Carreras, and the leaders of the different units at the base.

As a final example of the events held throughout the Spanish geography to commemorate the feast of Saint John Bosco, consider the one conducted at the 'Pedro de Estopiñán y Virués' barracks in Melilla, headquarters of the Logistics Unit No. 24, under the presidency of the Commandant, General Luis Sáez Rocandio.