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A new Deployable Biological Laboratory enters service in the Army

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Number: 9575

In Paterna (Valencia)

The head of MALE observes the new laboratory

The head of MALE  observes the new laboratory

The Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense Regiment (CBRN) "Valencia" No. 1, in Paterna (Valencia), already has a Deployable Biological Laboratory. Its incorporation marks an important step in detection capabilities as it joins the Deployable Chemical Laboratory, delivered in 2022, and pending the receipt of the Deployable Radiological Laboratory planned for this year.

With the entry into service of this laboratory, a commission from the Logistics Support Command, led by Lieutenant General Fernando García y García de las Hijas, visited the Regiment on January 17th.

In addition to knowing the new laboratory, a situation point was made on the status and needs related to the acquisition of CBRN material that has been carried out during the last year and those that are underway to continue increasing the CBRN capabilities of the Army.

During the visit they were also briefed on the status of the R+D project of the future CBRN reconnaissance vehicle on HMTV platform - known as the CBRN Technology Integration Platform (PITON) -, and they attended a static exhibition in which, among other material, the new portable CBRN equipment was presented.