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Accessibility is an internet subdomain belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Defence,Paseo de la Castellana, 109, 28071 Madrid.
Telephone (34)91 395 5000.

Access recommendations:

- Web browsers to be used: Internet Explorer 5 or superior.
- Recommended resolution: 1024x768.


One of the Army's objetives is having an acessible portal for all citizens, independently of whether they have some disability or use some other type of instrument to access web page content.

 AA.1.0(WCAG 1.0)

To meet this objetive, WAI 1.0 Accesibility Guidelines at AA level and W3C established standards (World Wide Consortium) have been followed. The compliance levels proposed by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) varied from level 1, obligatory, to level 2,recommendable.

Web pages belonging to Army Units, which are created by the Units themselves, do not comform to accessibility criteria. The Army will work to have accessible templates in order to make it possible for Units to have web pages that conform to Accessibility criteria.

These web pages are situated in the following sections:
- Units
- Military Culture and History Institute
- Antarctic Campaign
- Small Troop

 Web Accessibility Test

This portal has been analised using TAW (Web Accessibility Test).

Visual information 

 Visual Information CSS

This website uses cascading style sheets for visual information formatting. The styles are used in the conentional manner specified by W3C. Relative font sizes compatible with browser personal text size options have been used.

Document Download

Most documents that are downloaded from this web page are in PDF format. These documents may be visualised by using the freeware application Adobe Acrobat Reader.