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Tui-Santiago Patrols Competition


Since 2001, the Light Infantry Brigade Galicia VII (BRILAT), has organized its traditional Tui-Santiago Patrols Competition. A military test that consists of a march with gear and weapons between the towns of Tui (South of Pontevedra, on the banks  of the Miño River, natural border with Portugal) and the Capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, along Portuguese version of the “Camino de Santiago”.

During the 120 kilometers  long test, the patrols must complete the following military trials:

Land Navigation (the course of this trial will not be revealed before the competition).

  • Grenade Throwing (Ulla River IVO Padrón).

  • Marksmanship Trial (General Morillo Base).

  • Rappelling (Monteporreiro Bridge only AZOR Category).

  • Obstacle Course (General Morillo Base).

  • Speed March (it will consist of two race sections, although the sum of both will be considered for ranking purposes).

  • River Crossing (Lerez River).

Throughout  the 120 kilometers of competition, participants will test their Spirit of sacrifice, desire for physical and psychological improvement, skill, resilience and level of readiness. The ultimate goal of this test is to foster a spirit of camaraderie among all participants, strengthening the ties of brotherhood  between Units of the Spanish Army, the Armed Forces and allied countries.


Competition Rules