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The Infantry Academy was established in 1846 in Toledo, where history is ever present – back then it was known as the General Military College. Today the Academy is fully integrated into the town and is an integral part of it by virtue of its good work, knowhow, experience and daily work over 170 years. Throughout this time it has been able not only of maintaining its spirit and sense of purpose, but also of becoming a centre of excellence and of assuming new responsibilities.

The training of infantrymen does not neglect the traditions of the past but takes full advantage of the new technologies, the latest research and the most sophisticated equipment. That way, our syllabus ensures that our students are trained to the same high standards as those of our allies.

This website is aimed at bringing the Academy closer to its visitors by providing an introduction to its history and showing the progress of the Spanish Infantry through its documents and collections.

Today’s infantrymen maintain the enthusiasm and commitment of those of yesteryear, who led by example. We are extremely proud of our Academy and of Toledo, because both the college and the town are a crucial part of our training – which is why our graduates keep coming back to stay in touch and relive the happy memories of their younger years.

Latest news of the unit

Trampolin (Foto Rumbo al Sur)

Monday, July 8, 2024

La Academia de Infantería, colabora con la edición de España Rumbo al Sur 2024

La Academia de Infantería, colabora con la edición de España Rumbo al Sur 2024.

Comision Academia (Foto ACINF)

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

La Academia de Infantería participa un año más en el Corpus

La Academia de Infantería, presente en el Corpus Christi desde 1850, acompaña al Santísimo por las calles de Toledo