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Parque y Centro de Mantenimiento de Material de Transmisiones

escudo del PCMMT


  • Creación del PCMMT

    Creation of the Depot for Signal Materiel

    In 1939, the Central Supply Depot and Signal Maintenance Workshops was created in the village of El Pardo (Madrid), filling a gap that had historically been addressed by the following departments: since 1883, by the Engineers (Signal and Sappers) Depot of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), since 1847 by the Engineers (Signal and Sappers) Depot of Guadalajara created by General Antonio Zarco del Valle, and finally, from 1904 until the beginning of World War I, by the Electrical-engineering and Communications Centre of Madrid.

    Pursuant the Order dated on February 6th, 1940, the Central Supply Depot and Signal Maintenance Workshops was integrated into the newly created Head Office for Signal of the Army. In February 1941, the Central Depot for Signal was created as an independent unit being leading by the Ltc. Rafael Sánchez Benito. That year is considered the official date of creation of the Depot for Signal Materiel (PCMMT, according to its acronym in Spanish), and in 2016 was celebrated its 75 jubilee.

    Thus began an era in which the logistical organization of the Signal Materiel Service began to be clearly defined.


    Between 1941 and 1949, almost all of the facilities of the Central Depot for Signal were built. Since then, and until the end of 1970, there were no important variations in the organization of the Unit, which developed its operation, adapted itself to the new organizations of the Signal Service and completed its organizational structure. Works of enlargement and refurbishment began to be carried out on the facilities, which were already 30 years old and were starting to become outdated to accomplish their tasks. Between 1977 and 1978, Colonel Antonio Gómez de Salazar introduced in the coat of arms of the Depot the motto “Serviam ut Serviam” (serve to serve) that express the function of the Central Depot for Signal inside the Army. From 1978 to 1982 the Unit was boosted both in its organic and functional aspects, starting with a major refurbishment of the new Maintenance Workshops. Once the refurbishment ended, all workshops not belonging to the Electronics Area were there moved.


    From 1982 to nowadays, the existing facilities of the Maintenance Unit have been restructured to adapt them to the new Radio, Telephony, Satellite and Basic Area Network workshops required for the maintenance of the new signal equipment which, since then, have been in permanent change. The new sports facilities, the Quality Department building and the Recycling Point facilities were also built. The facilities and equipment of the old warehouses were adapted and in 1993 new accommodation for the Troop Unit was built. In December 1995, the Technological Exhibition of Tactical Signal Assets was inaugurated and moved to its current location in 2004.


    In January 2006, the SIMACET (Army Command and Control System) workshop was built. This was the embryo of the Hardware and Software Systems Maintenance Depot (PCMSHS, according to its acronym in Spanish), created in December that same year, and established at the building where the Technological Exhibition had been initially located. This workshop was staffed by PCMMT personnel until May 2007, when the first Colonel Chief of the PCMSHS and its first command staff were appointed. At present, the name of the Center is Depot for Signal Materiel (PCMMT), reporting to the Maintenance Directorate of Army's Logistic Support Command.

    Gral. Zarco del Valle