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General Chief of the Spanish Army's Personnel Command

General Chief of the Spanish Army's Personnel Command

As General Chief of the Spanish Army's Personnel Command, I am grateful to welcome you to our webpage.

I hope that you find on it all the information so that you get to know our organization, their missions and the daily activities performed by those who form part of it.

The Personnel Command, articulated at the Head of Personnel Direction, Personnel Assistance Direction, Health Direction, Council of Orphan Children and Permanent Committees of Evaluation, has under its responsability the management and assistance to the main element of our Spanish Army: the men and women, and the soldiers and civilians who form part of it; without them, its own existence would not have any sense.

For that reason, by identifying specifically the concepts which allow an effective application of all the extensive legislation and regulations which control the personnel, and by appplying everytime the public, justice and responsability criterion, I am sure that all the people who serve in this Command will know how to successfully confront to a lot of challenges which, the best service to personnel, constantly set us out.

This way, my intention consists of making use of this oportunity that this "window" has given to me: I can keep you accurately updated about those aspects that affect the personnel, where matters such as the application of the Rights and Duties, the introduction of the Military Career Law - with special attention to the application of professional models of the Personnel Action Plan- the improvement of supporting personnel and the establishment of the Military Health concept which allows the introduction of adequate human resources to our Logistica-Operative Health -main milestones of out job at short-term- will be perpetually reflected in this media, in both, this webpage or in other sections belonging to the Spanish Army which also deal with these topics.