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Main activities

Training in Zaragoza
  • Implementing the Annual Training Programme.
  • Maintenance of all the equipment.
  • Promoting the values of the Unit.
  • Dealing with the problems faced by the men and women of this Large Unit, both general and specific.

Foreign operations

Soldiers of the Armoured Brigade in Lebanon in 2011

The women and men of this Brigade have taken part in several international missions, such as:

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Kosovo
  • Lebanon

How to reach our base


As Brigadier General of the 12th Armoured Infantry Brigade “Guadarrama”, it is an honour to welcome visitors to our web portal, which aims to provide general information about one of the Large Units of our Army.

The Armoured Brigade has long been a Large Unit, first as part of the Armoured Division, today within the Heavy Forces. To this day it is unique in its kind within the Army and a crucial part of it, characterised by its strength, its manoeuvrability and its ability to carry out swift and forceful interventions.

The Unit’s current capabilities make it a key element of deterrence at the strategic level, as well as a resolute element at the operational and tactical levels, by virtue of its ability to project its resources.

Our motto, “Fast, hard, far”, summarises the essence of tank units and is truer than ever thanks to our state-of-the-art, sophisticated equipment: Leonard tanks and Pizarro infantry fighting vehicles, weapon systems in every sense of the word.

I am proud to invite you to browse our website, where we wish to show who we are and what we do, be it at our base “El Goloso”, during our exercises in the different training fields and during our missions abroad.

If you enjoy action and you like our modern equipment, why not come visit us to get to know us better and, possibly, become one of us? We are expecting you!

Latest news of the unit

Entrega del Guion de la Brigada

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Toma de mando del General Antonio Bernal Martín de la Brigada ‘Guadarrama’ XII

En un acto presidido por el general jefe de la División “Castillejos”, se llevó a cabo la ceremonia de entrega de mando de la Brigada “Guadarrama” XII.

Participantes de la Brigada

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Excelente participación de la Brigada 'Guadarrama' XII en el Campeonato Nacional de Judo y Combate Cuerpo Cuerpo

Tercer puesto por equipos en la modalidad de judo la Brigada “Guadarrama” XII (BRI XII)