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Cuartel General de la División 'Castillejos'

Escudo de la Unidad

Main activities

Entrance to the garrison


Operations abroad

HQ. Building

"Castillejos" Division HQ.


The "Castillejos" Division Headquarters would like to welcome you to its website, a communication tool that allows all visitors to find the answers to their questions and have an overview that serves to encourage them to learn more about our Unit. feeling our closest men and women.

This unit is currently located in the "Sancho Ramírez" Barracks (Huesca). Although since its origins, it has been located in the "Tte. Muñoz Castellanos" barracks, named after the first soldier who died in operations in the line of duty, in the mission carried out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on May 13, 1993.

The General Headquarters is the advisory and support body to the Chief General of the "Castillejos" Division for the exercise of his duties. Together with the General Headquarters, it deploys in the "Sancho Ramírez" barracks. the Headquarters Battalion, permanently prepared to deal with all the life support and operations that the Headquarters requires, both in the quartering and deployed in exercises and operations.

By Defense Order No. 1362/2018 of December 20, which develops the basic organization of the Army, the Brigade "Aragón" I is added to the organization of the Division.

Since January 1, 2021, the "Castillejos" Division Headquarters has the organic command of the following units:

  • 1st "Aragon" Brigade
  • Brigade "King Alfonso XIII" II of the Legion.
  • Brigade "Galicia" VII.
  • Guzmán el Bueno X Brigade
  • XI Extremadura Brigade
  • 12th Guadarrama Brigade
  • Transmissions Regiment 1
  • Headquarters Battalion of the "Castillejos" Division


Latest news of the unit

exposición GEDIVCAST

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Reunión anual embajadores Marca ET Aragón 2024

El día 22 de Febrero en el Acuartelamiento “Sancho Ramírez” (Huesca), presidida por el General RIET Aragón Excmo. Sr. D José Manuel Vivas Urieta ha tenido lugar la Reunión Anual de embajadores de la Marca Ejército en el ámbito de Aragón.

Durante el itinerario de la marcha

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Marcha de endurecimiento del Cuartel General de la División Castillejos en la zona de Candanchú

El personal del Cuartel General (CG) de la División “Castillejos” y de su Batallón de CG ha realizado una marcha invernal con raquetas el día 13 de febrero, como actividad de endurecimiento y cohesión en la zona de Candanchú.