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Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Escudo de la Brigada 'Guzmán el Bueno'  X

Brigada 'Guzmán el Bueno' X





CC Leopardo
  • Plazas MPTM
  • Ventajas de servir en la BRIMZ X

Misiones Internacionales

Base Cervantes
  • Bosnia i Herzegovina
  • Kosovo
  • Líbano



Welcome to 10th Brigade “Guzmán el Bueno” webpage where you can find, among other aspects, information about the Brigade’s history, organization, activities and main equipment.

This unit was established in 1985 as 21st Mechanized Brigade and, since its early stages, it has kept a close relationship with Córdoba society; receiving support from this society and providing them with the Brigade’s service and availability.

The Brigade is presently integrated in San Marcial Division; it is a versatile, powerful and decisive unit. The Brigade joins the historical tradition of its units and the modernity that results from the state-of-the-art equipment. These characteristics are paired with a wide experience achieved in exercises and missions in international scenarios, such as Eurocorps, NATO, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Lebanon.

The Brigade is located nowadays in two bases, Cerro Muriano base in Córdoba and Soyeche barracks in Munguía (Bizkaia). The Unit counts with outstanding facilities which fulfill the needs for life, work and training of units and their personnel.

The 10th Brigade´s men and women are its maximum exponent. With their professional competence, dedication, discipline and ingrained moral values, they turn this Unit into a consistent body that searches in a continuous training a permanent availability and in the best condition to be employed how, where and when it is needed.

Our predecessors’ work has been the drive for our Unit’s prestige. We take up the torch and compromise our efforts to keep on offering an operational unit, available for duty and deserving the Command’s confidence.

Throughout this webpage, you will be offered a general view of the characteristics of our Brigade, which make this Unit the keeper of the motto that inspires the Brigade’s members in their Service to Spain: Be Strong at War, Sed Fuertes en la Guerra.

Córdoba, June 2nd, 2017


Latest news of the unit

Presentacion del aniversario de la AGM.

Friday, February 21, 2020

La Base de Cerro Muriano celebra el CXXXVIII aniversario de creación de la Academia General Militar

Una lección magistral con el título “Academia General Militar, Paradigma de la formación castrense en el ámbito mundial impartida por el teniente Ricardo Cabanillas González

Entrega de un recuerdo.

Friday, February 21, 2020

El Colegio Oficial de Médicos visita la Brigada “Guzmán el bueno” X.

Para afianzar la buena relación existente con las instituciones cordobesas, el día 14 de febrero