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The Values in the Spanish Army


This publication is aimed at all members of the Spanish Armed Forces, regardless of their job, rank, position, specialism or other internal category.

It corresponds with the guidelines of the Director of the Spanish Armed Forces (In Spanish: JEME) that define the fundamental values of the Spanish Armed Forces, helping us to better understand, identify and put our values into practice.

 All human beings have their own sets of values; values that guide our behaviour and help us to establish priorities, that inform our decisions especially in difficult or uncertain situations and, in the case of the military, selecting the most worthy and honourable values in critical moments.

Our values, attitudes and behaviours are closely linked. When we talk about our attitude we refer to our ability to react at any given moment, according to our beliefs, emotions and values. Out attitudes are developed and strengthened through training and regular practice.

Our values are expressed through our emotions, opinions and ideas, but most importantly they are shown through our behaviour. A good person is someone who lives by their values. Everyone is judged based on how they value their values and how they live what they believe.

 Values are a fundamental part of all cultures and organisations. In an organisation, values are the model of behaviour that members should adhere to and they vary depending on the nature and mission of the organisation, its aims and its vision for the future. These vales make it easier for the incorporation of new members and strengthen the coexistence, cohesion and commitment for all those involved.


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