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Spain and NATO

The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Spain is a multinational Headquarters located at Bétera, Valencia (Spain) and it is part of the NATO Force Structure. Spain is the framework nation providing approximately 80% of personnel, while 20% is made up of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers coming from the other contributing nations.


During peacetime or crisis HQ NRDC-ESP may be deployed in accordance with NATO procedures and be assigned by NATO authorities to any NATO Command Structure Headquarters currently established or established in the future for training, evaluation, operations or exercises.

Today, the NRDC-ESP is the Spain’s largest deployable Land HQ and it remains the Spanish’s contribution to NATO’s HRF(L) structure. The HQs is part of the Spanish commitment to NATO.

The multinational environment is the key factor that enables NRDC-ESP to operate successfully, including highly skilled military personnel coming from 12 contributing nations: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Spain.

In addition to HQ NRDC-ESP, the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) has eight other Graduated Readiness Forces (Land) Headquarters under Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe's (SHAPE) operational command.



NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Spain Headquarters (HQ NRDC-ESP) provides NATO with a well-manned, rapidly deployable and flexible HQ and is able to operate throughout the entire spectrum of NATO missions (high to low intensity), being ready to assume the following roles:

A. Joint Task Force Headquarters for small Joint Operations Land Heavy.

B. Land Component Command of a joint task force

C. NATO Response Force Land Component Command

D. Corps Headquarters.

The NRDC-ESP may also be engaged in support of European Union (EU) Defence organizations, such as the EU Operation Headquarters (OHQ), or national or multinational requirements.


To accomplish its assigned mission, the Headquarters is basically composed of three elements: the Command Group, the Staff and its organic Command and Control Support (C2S) resources.

HQ NRDC-ESP Command Post