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4th Army Motorbike Ride 2017 ‘Your Army, Our flag’

For another year, 4,000 motorbikes will ride across Madrid, for their Army and for their flag, in the 4th edition of the Army Motorbike Ride. On Sunday 11th June, bikers will ride from the Army Headquarters near Plaza de Cibeles and continue down Madrid’s Gran Vía, displaying the national flag and showing their connection to the Army. The group will continue in the direction of the ‘El Goloso’ base, the headquarters of the 12th 'Guadarrama' Brigade where, as in previous editions, the ride will end.


The 12th Armoured ‘Guadarrama’ Brigade will hold an open day, which will include a parade of the oldest combat tanks in the Armoured Materials Museum, along with period cars, exhibitions of different materials, equipment and weaponry, a musical parade from the War Band and the chance to visit the Armoured Materials Museum and the Historic Hall of the nº 31 ‘Asturias’ Regiment.


Video IV Marcha Motera


 Cartel Marcha motera 2017

Motorbike Ride Poster


Classic Motorbike Exhibition

During the week before the event, from 5 to 9 June, there will be a small classic military motorbike exhibition. Entrance to the General Headquarters will be open on Calle Alcalá, with opening times of 10:00-13:30 and 15:00-18:00.

Classic Motorbike Exhibition

Classic Motorbike Exhibition





On behalf of the Organistion, we would like to thank you for your interest in the Army Motorbike Ride. Tickets sold out in less than two hours and unforunately we are not able to increase the number of places due to space limitations. Although registration is closed, you can still watch the event from the reserved area in the Paseo de Recoletos. It is not necessary to register to access the El Goloso base.  

    •    Registrations are made individually but two registrations are necessary for motorbikes with a driver and a passenger.
    •    You will not be able to access Army Headquarters cars



•    Access to the Army Headquarters will be open from 09:30 a 10:30 through the Calle de Alcalá (Plaza Cibeles) entrance.


•    Only people who are registered will be given access, showing the registration ticket given to them by the organisation and their DNI.


•    At 10:30 the ride will start from the 'El Goloso' base.


•    The activities at the 'El Goloso' base will finish at 15:30.




•    Exit on Calle Alcalá - Calle Gran Vía - Calle de la Princesa - Avenida Arco de la Victoria - Avenida Puerta de Hierro.


•    Main road A-6 - Calle 30 - M-40 - Carretera de Colmenar - 'El Goloso' Base.


Organisational Measures


•    Participants are required to bring a Spanish flag. The size of the flag should be appropriate for safe driving, avoiding large flags, and it should be correctly secured to the motorbike to make sure there are no interruptions during the ride.


•    Motorbikes not registered should park at Recoletos but leaving the bus lane free


•    The central area of the Paseo de Recoletos will remain closed to traffic, to allow room for the motorbikes.


•    The side lanes of the Paseo de Recoletos will remain open to general traffic.


•    Registered motorbikes will be able to access the entrance of the Army Headquarters through the side lanes. The rest of the motorbikes should park directly in the central area of the Paseo de Recoletos.




•    You should pay attention to instructions from the Military Police inside the bases and Army Headquarters at all times and the state security forces during the ride


•    Likewise, rules established by Road Safety Law and General Traffic Regulations should be strictly observed, paying special attention to articles 20 – 25 and 116 of the General traffic Regulations


•    All participants within the Army Headquarters and the "El Goloso" base may be requested by Police to have their bags and other items searched. There, it will also be obligatory to observe state security and Military Police instructions.


•    For security reasons, motorbikes in formation are not permitted during the ride.


•    Throughout the ride, motorbikes should travel in the same direction and riding in lanes going in the opposite direction is not allowed.


3rd Edition 2016 Video


Galería Flickr 3ª Edición 2016