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Motorcycle Concentration 2016

More than 3.500 motorbikes go because of their country and their Flag. The 3rd Motorcycle Concentration of the Spanish Army got together more than 3.500 in Plaza Cibeles, the 12th of June, going all over Gran Via Street, carrying a Spanish Flag and showing their affection to the Spanish Army. The concentration made its way through the M-30, to base "El Goloso" where, as happened in previous editions, it ended the march. This year, it has a special meaning, due to the fact that this concentration has been framed inside of the  acts of celebration of the 50th anniversary of the 12th Armoured Brigade "Guadarrama". The unit celebrated an open day which included a parade of the oldest combat vehicles, equipments and armaments, musical processions by yhe War Band and the possibility of visiting the Armoured Vehicles Museum and the Historical Museum Room of the 31st Regiment "Asturias".



  The motorbikes in their way to the base

         The motorbikes in their way to the base (Photo:Ángel G. Tejedor/DECET)

 Cartel Marcha motera 2016

Flyer Motorcylce  March 2016


Exhibition of the classical motorbikes

During the previous week, from the 6th to the 10th of June, people could visit a small exhibition of classical military motorbikes. Free entrance to the Army General Staff, through Alcalá Street from 10.00 to 13:30h (morning) and from 15:00 to 18:00h. Thursday the 9th the exhibition was closed.


Exposicion motos clásicas

Exhibition of classical motorbikes 



Tienda del Soldado












  • Access to the Army General Staff from 09'30 to 10'30 h. Through Cibeles Entrance.
  • Only Access to registered personnel, presenting the ticket of registration sent by the organization and the ID card.
  • At 10'30 h it will start the march from the Army General Staff.
  • It is requested to bring a Spanish Flag. The size of the Flag will be adequate for the safety concerning driving, avoiding big sizes.
  • The registrations will be individual; two different registrations will be needed in the case of being accompanied.
  • No Access to CGE vehicles.


          At base "El Goloso"  the following activities will be performed:

  • Dynamic exhibition in which "Leopard" Combat Vehicles and "Pizarro" Infantry vehicles will participate. 
  • Static exhibition of material from the BRIAC XII.
  • Visit to the Vehicles Museum and the Historical Museum Room of the 31st RIMZ "Asturias".


All the indications of the Military Police inside the base and the FCSE have to be followed during the route.

Likewise, it will be followed the rules established in the Traffic Safety and the Traffic General Regulation , paying a special attention to articles 20-25 and 116.

All the participants, inside the CGE and the base "El Goloso", can be required by the Military Pólice, in order to check purses and bags of the motorbikes. It is compulsary to follow the indications of the FCSE and the Military Police.

Because of safety reasons, duraning the March cars are not allowed.

Video 2nd Edition 2015


Flickr Gallery 2nd Edition 2015