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Main planning meeting of 'Strong Cohesion 23-II' exercise

lunes 11 de septiembre de 2023

Número: 9436

In Seville

Participants in the planning meeting

Participants in the planning meeting

The Headquarters of the Army's Land Force (Seville) was the scene, during September 5th and 6th, of the Main Planning Conference of the "Strong Cohesion II" exercise in order to coordinate the details of the execution of the exercise, as well as the deployment and redeployment phase of the contingent.

This exercise, of "Deployex" type, is taking place in Slovakia from November 6th to 16th of this year, and will consist of the projection, integration and subsequent withdrawal of a Tactical Group. It will serve as a preparation for the leadership of the NATO Battle Group deployed in Slovakia that Spain will assume from June 2024, relieving the Czech Republic in the role of "Framework Nation."

The meeting was attended by representatives of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Multinational Division Centre (MNDC), the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU), DIVOPE-CESET and CALOG-OP, in addition to the Land Force: Headquarters, 7th "Galicia" Brigade and Logistics Brigade.