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  • Mobility and manoeuvre in Force 35, under analysis in Paracuellos
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Mobility and manoeuvre in Force 35, under analysis in Paracuellos

viernes 14 de junio de 2019

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The development of land and air-land mobility in the Force 35 concept was the focus of the talks in the workshop dedicated to the manoeuvre combat function, held today in the ‘Principe’ Base in Paracuellos de Jarama, Madrid.

The workshop, the fifth of its kind, was opened by the Chief of the Army’s Logistical Support Command (MALE, to use its Spanish acronym), Lieutenant General Pardo de Santayana. Then, the Chief of the Sub-directorate of Weapons Systems from the Acquisitions Directorate, General Pérez, introduced the F2E+I concept, a meeting point between the Army and the Defence industry, with the support of Spanish universities.

Representatives from the Staff’s Division of Plans, the Ground Force and the General Directorate of Weapons and Equipment took part, focusing on the needs of Force 35’s manoeuvre function, the weapons systems it requires and the current and future status of manoeuvre support weapons systems (both ground and aeromobile).

Then it was the businesses’ turn. In total, nine businesses displayed their technological developments and solutions to the Army’s needs in this area, such as progressive and adaptable suspension, transmission for future medium weight vehicles, design of ground platforms, vehicle electronics, or the propulsion and predictive maintenance of motors.

La base "Príncipe" acogió el taller con empresas 5

‘Principe’ Base hosted the workshop with 5 businesses.