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  • The Army brings together companies and universities in a workshop about ‘Fire’ for Force 2035
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The Army brings together companies and universities in a workshop about ‘Fire’ for Force 2035

jueves 11 de abril de 2019

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“Príncipe” base (in Paracuellos del Jarama, Madrid), home of the “Almogávares” VI Parachute Brigade, was chosen as the location to hold, on the 9th of April, the 3rd Workshop about “Fire”, entitled “F2E+1 Force 35”, in which equipment and weapons of the Fire Fighting Function were discussed. The talks given to the attendees dealt with the weapons systems’ anticpated requirements, according to the Force 2035 concept. Thus, they addressed topics related to launching systems for direct and indirect fire, smart and high performance munitions as well as command and control systems, adquisition and positioning of objectives and artificial intelligence.

This conference was completed by the vision of more than 25 companies, who exhibited their respective technological developments and potential solutions, according to the Army’s requirements. Likewise, some representatives from universities contributed with their research projects about technology related to the workshop’s topic. Just as in previous sessions, they identified future experimentations and practical demonstrations of equipment which the companies will offer the Army.

This workshop forms part of the activities led by the the Army’s Directorate of Acquisitions Logistics Support Command in collaboration with the Sub-Directorate General of Planning, Technology and Innovation. It aims to facilitate the availability of weapons systems and equipment to develop Force 35 through the exchange of information between the Army, businesses, universities and technological associations.

A talk during the workshop

A talk during the workshop