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Anti-aircraft Defence in Force 35, the topic of the second workshop for businesses from the Logistical Support Command

jueves 21 de marzo de 2019

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The Army’s vision of anti-aircraft defence’s contribution to the protection of the airspace, faced with current threats and those which may arise by the year 2035 was the topic of the second workshop with businesses organised by the Army’s Logistical Support Command (MALE, to use it’s Spanish acronym). The workshop was held on the 20th of March in the Headquarters of the Anti-aircraft Artillery Command, chaired by the Chief of the MALE, Lieutenant General Ramón Pardo de Santayana.

Important Army personnel from the acquisitions, planning, weapons systems and innovation and technology areas presented the 125 attendees (comprised of people from industry, academia and technological associations) with the technological needs that the Army has identified in relation to Anti-aircraft Defence for its Force 35 project. Then, representatives from various companies, universities and technological centres presented their proposals and systems which they already have or are currently developing.

Participantes en el segundo taller organizado

Participants in the second organised workshop

Amongst the topics which were discussed were the Anti-aircraft Artillery platforms, with particular focus on ‘dual’ platforms (very low and low altitude weapons integrated into the same platform, including systems designed to counter remotely piloted aircraft systems), such as platforms with 30mm anti-aircraft guns and infrared guided missiles.

Also discussed were the command and control systems for these weapons and detection systems (very low and low altitude), as well as their integration in the command and control systems at Brigade level and higher. Furthermore, the application of artificial intelligence to these aspects, counter remotely piloted aircraft system (C-RPAS) defence, and the application of technological developments to these systems (such as, for example directed energy) were also discussed.

This is the second workshop to be organised by the MALE with the aim of making Force 35’s technological needs known to the industry. The first was held in the ‘Coronel Maté’ base in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid) and dealt with Robotic and Autonomous Systems.

These conferences promote the interaction and exchange of information between companies, universities and technological centres and associations and bring together the possibilities of the market and the needs identified in the development of this concept in its different combat functions.

Also, they identified future activities (primarily practical demonstrations and experiments) carried out by businesses, associations and universities amongst which the offering of the Mistral Atlas 3 system by the company MBDA stands out for its upcoming experiment in Ground Forces units.