ICOMAM Toledo 2020
21-25 September.

The military historical legacy; mirror of the past, reflection for the future.
Being aware of the role that museums have acquired in the development of today's society through their decisive openness to the public, exchange and cultural enrichment in an increasingly interconnected and globalized world, which gives them a great capacity to extend their Conception far beyond their physical reality, military museums are a privileged scenario to be protagonists in this new era.
The military legacy places us before history, composed in turn of other stories in which, on a large number of occasions, the protagonists are common and, at the same time, each with their own perspective. By the very nature of these stories, this military heritage has the possibility of fulfilling a social mission through a new integrating dimension: how to make current the material culture of the past so that it reaches the man of the present, who challenges him and speaks to him of all and contribute something that is useful to know or improve our present and future.