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viernes 20 de diciembre de 2013

Número: 01

Spanish TRADOC Chief visits EUFOR .



 Written by Lt Col Otmar Lindner 

On 17 December 2014, Brigadier General Amador Enseñat y Berea arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in order pay a visit to EUFOR Mission ALTHEA and the Spanish members of Mission Althea. Before attending an office call with the Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, he first paid a visit to the AF BiH Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) located in TRAVINK, where he met with the 7 Spanish Embedded Advisory Team (EAT) members working in the BiH TRADOC. They briefed Brig Gen Enseñat on their on-going activities, projects and scope of operations and their involved in the daily operations of the departments on training and doctrine by providing assistance and advice to local officers in their duties and tasks, such as the development of doctrinal publications, preparation for exercises and courses for AF BiH personnel. The Spanish team has been working in the TRADOC since 2010 and its activities are highly valued by the local military personnel.
The Embedded Advisory Team, working under the auspices of the Capacity Building and Training Division, is an example of exceptional cooperation between EUFOR and the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
During his office call with COM EUFOR, Brigadier General Amador Enseñat y Berea was provided with the latest information regarding EUFOR activities, particularly in the area of Capacity Building and Training activities and potential possibilities to further improve the capability of the AF BiH to meet certain standards as laid down in the Training Directive by COM EUFOR. Major General Heidecker thanked his guest and the Spanish Army for the providing EUFOR with highly qualified and very professional personnel. Apart from the seven members of the Embedded Advisory Team at TRADOC, there are four Spanish officers working within Headquarters EUFOR, whose contribution to the mission is also highly appreciated.
Brigadier General DON AMADOR FERNANDO ENSEÑAT Y BEREA was appointed on 09 August 2013to the position of Secretary General of the Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) Command of the Spanish Army and this was since his first visit to the Spanish Contingent serving with EUFOR. Like all Training and Doctrine Commands, the Spanish Army TRADOC department is also designed to transform its Army into a well trained, equipped, led, and organized modern land power. The primary functions of TRADOC are to recruit and train soldiers, support unit training, help to develop adaptive leaders - both soldiers and civilians, guiding the Army through doctrine and thus shaping the Army by building and integrating formations, capabilities, and material. EUFOR’s Training and Doctrine Embedded Advisory Teams (EAT) are regularly conducting trainings and seminar on the concepts involved in Peace Support Operations (PSO). Such seminars are presently planned and organized by the Spanish-Austrian EUFOR EAT which is operating in TRAVNIK and works jointly with the BiH TRADOC Department. According to EUFOR Deputy Chief of Staff, Colonel Ahmet Ugur Gonel, the main goal of such cooperation is to have the opportunity to exchange views and achieve a common approach to operations in terms of doctrinal concepts, interoperability, research, and lessons learned. Such events usually attract a large amount of participation and much interest from representatives of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AF BiH). Subject matter experts (SMEs) who are acting as lecturers mainly are provided by EUFOR, NATO and the BiH TRADOC and at present include representatives from Spain, Austria, Slovenia and Turkey. Those advising activities on matters of military interest are further enhancing the wide range of courses that are delivered by EUFOR in accordance with the annual training calendar and is assisting the AF BiH in their efforts to meet the requirements for full NATO integration.