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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Coat of arms of the Operational Logistic Force

Operational Logistics Force (FLO)

Advantages of serving in the unit


logistic quarters toilets

The Operational Logistic Force has units deployed all over the national territory.

Its barracks have modern installations and services such as sports tracks, gyms, classroom, multimedia rooms and so on for the personnel stationed there.

By means of the Personnel Support Offices (OFAP,s) within the Quality and Life Plans, the following activities are organised:

  • Socio-cultural (guided visits, language courses, computing courses, Drivers, diploma of General Secondary School Education, access to Civil Guard.).
  • Support to the personnel (management of individual and personal paperwork, providing forms and support when completing these and dealing with application forms for apartments, subsidies…)
  • Sport and recreational (civic-military running races, orientation, football competitions, basketball, handball etc…) 


If you are interested in becoming a soldier and serving in the units of the Operational Logistic Force, you will be able to choose from the following logistic specializations:

  • almacenes y parqueHealth support: Use of health equipment
  • Bodywork and welding: Repairing the chassis and bodywork of Army vehicles.
  • Electrical installer: Maintaining and repairing electrical installations and electrical energy networks.
  • Maintenance of armaments and equipment: Maintenance, preservation and repairs of individual armament and the arms system.
  • Vehicle maintenance: maintenance of the vehicles, wheels and chains.
  • Electronic and telecommunications maintenance: Full maintenance of the respective systems, telecommunications equipments and arms systems.
  • Equipment assemblers: Assembly of equipment.


To enrol, go to the Recruitment Areas in your province or to the information points of the units.